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Fun Things to Do While You’re Home

We’ve survived the first weeks of social distancing while working from home and taking classes online. Now is the time to relax, but when you’ve been cooped up for a week, and still can’t hit the malls or movie theaters, how can you spend your time?

  • Virtually go to the Zoo! The Cincinnati Zoo is hosting live events every day at 3pm on their Facebook Live. Check out the page here
  • Attend a live concert from your couch! Check out the artists and schedules here
  • Binge watch a series. Have you been wondering what Baby Yoda is all about? Why not catch up on the Mandalorian now? You can also make this social with the Google Chrome Extension of the Netflix Party and watch with your friends remotely
  • Learn a language. The Duolingo app is free and has more than 30 language courses. While you won’t become fluent with the app it is a great way to start!
  • Attend the Metropolitan Opera during their nightly streams
  • You can also visit museums on Google Arts and Culture. MoMA in New York City and Van Gogh Museumin Amsterdam
  • Watch a Broadway show or check out the Living Room Concert Series
  • Read a book that you’ve been putting off. Audible is also offering some free audio books through their app
  • Go for a hike or walk at a local park
  • Facetime family members or friends! You don’t need to distance yourself fully with all of the technology at your finger tips
  • Always wanted to learn to make the perfect scrambled egg? Now is the best time to start learning how to cook or bake
  • Listen to a new podcasts! Get recommendations from your friends, and there are educational ones, and even ones focused around different hobbies
  • Stream a movie early! Yes the movie theaters are closed but a lot of movies are being released early and on various streaming services. Check out the list here

For more lists of things to watch, listen to, and do check out the New York Times suggestions.